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 State Charter Team Representatives - Roles and Responsibilities

1.  Must pass criminal history background check(s).

a.  ZLP reserves the right to conduct criminal history background checks randomly and routinely for State Charter Team representatives.

2.  Responsible for processing new "affiliate member applications" for the state and/or region they represent.

a.  Time period for processing each new application will not exceed 3 weeks from the date the application was submitted.

b.  Processing new affiliate member applications of potential incoming affiliates includes; printing each member application request, interviewing each candidate, collecting & photocopying 2 forms of ID (at least 1 must be a photo), conducting a thorough criminal history background check,  and providing a final report of each candidate's case file to the appropriate ZLP personnel.

i.  Final decisions for each applicant, by ZLP leadership, will be based on each case file received from State Charter Team representatives.

c.  No State Charter Team Representative will be in the position to make a final decision on the acceptance or dismissal of incoming or outgoing members.

3.  ZeroLux Paranormal is a 100% volunteer Network.  It is because of this each State Charter Team representative is responsible to incur all costs on their own behalf for any tasks conducted in lieu of their membership with the ZeroLux Paranormal Network.  Costs may be incurred via (but not exclusive to); printing, background checking, traveling, internet, cell phone use, etc...

a.  Should there be concern(s) among ZLP leadership that certain modalities used to perform tasks, State Charter Team representatives are responsible for, are less than adequate to procure desired results, (accuracy of information, for example) then ZLP leadership reserves the right to disallow use of inadequate modalities.

b.  It is expected by all State Charter Team Representatives that there are unavoidable costs associated with this position.

4.  Confidentiality is of the utmost concern to ZeroLux Paranormal leadership.

a.  State Charter Team Representatives agree to keep all information related to peers/affiliates/members or potential incoming affiliates/members of ZeroLux Paranormal, confidential, even after they (State Charter Reps) dissociate from the ZeroLux Paranormal Network, regardless if dissociation was voluntary or involuntary.  There are no time restrictions on this clause, so it is to be understood as "in perpetuity and without restriction".

b.  After dissociating from the ZeroLux Paranormal Network, State Charter Team Representative(s) will permanently destroy all information collected on behalf of the ZeroLux Paranormal Network regarding their role as a State Charter Team Representative.

i.  This includes, but is not limited to, any personally identifying information of applicants, affiliates, and members.

5.  At this time all State Charter Team Representative positions are 1 year terms, meaning at the end of 1 year from the date official duties began for each representative, their contractual term will end.

a.  ZLP Leadership will determine start and end dates of contract for each representative.

6.  Guidelines for State Charter Team Representative - Roles and Responsibilities may be changed or amended without notice so long as original intent remains intact.

Applying to be a State Charter Team Representative

If you would like to be interviewed as a State Charter Team Representative for your state/region, please contact us by e-mail  to set up an interview or call us at (207) 504-6224 .


The following terms will be understood to mean the "ZeroLux Paranormal Network" located at; ZeroLux Paranormal, Zerolux Paranormal Organization, ZLP, ZeroLux.