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The following terms will be understood to mean the "ZeroLux Paranormal Network" located at; ZeroLux Paranormal, Zerolux Paranormal Organization, ZLP, ZeroLux.

Mission Statement

To operate as a network of paranormal investigation teams & research teams devoted to the concepts of social responsibility and “community”, both within the field of paranormal, and within each team’s local community; And to grow as a network with affiliates which are dedicated to promoting positive moral and ethical standards beneficial to the community of paranormal, and to those who may seek assistance from within it.

General Provisions

I.  All potential and current affiliates understand ZeroLux Paranormal is solely an online paranormal network and is not responsible for case management.

II.  The ZeroLux Paranormal organization is designed to be a network of teams/individuals who have committed themselves to - and expect from each other - the highest of moral and ethical standards concerning accountability, responsibility, and social awareness regarding the impact their views, actions, and behaviors have on the public, their peers, and the community of paranormal.

a. Fraud in Paranormal is a primary concern for individual entities of the ZeroLux Paranormal Network and individual affiliates will not be dissuaded from expressing their concerns and knowledge of the subject.

III. Only members who are listed on the ZeroLux Paranormal website are considered official affiliates of the ZeroLux Paranormal Network.

IV.  ZeroLux Paranormal is not as concerned about achieving impressively large membership numbers as we are about achieving a solid base of affiliates who strive to represent the community of paranormal in a positive moral and ethical light.

V.  Conduct by affiliates of the ZeroLux Paranormal Network which challenges, or which is contrary to, the goals of promoting a positive moral and ethical community of paranormal peers, may be reason for dismissal from the ZeroLux Paranormal Network.

a.  Association with entities of ill-repute outside of the ZLP Network may be adequate enough reason to be removed from the ZLP Network if there is sufficient evidence to believe the peer/peer group in question has impacted the public, or peers within paranormal, in a way that is detrimental to community of paranormal.

Apply to become an official affiliate of the ZeroLux Paranormal Network by sending us an e-mail with a detailed description of the group you're representing. Please include information about your group's location, team members, website address, and a basic history of "how you came to be", as well as a statement describing your team's philosophy regarding the subjects of ethics, morals, and fraud within paranormal.