January 17, 2014 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Season 03

A night with the "gifted"

It was a Halloween fundraising night to remember!  The ZeroLux Crew got together with the gifted psychics and sensitives of Augusta, Maine's very own "Merkaba Sol" for an evening of fun and fundraising.   We explored the 92,000 square foot Old Woolen Mill in Vassalboro, Maine, and the multi-level, magnificently prominent, Mill Agent's House (1847) - both of which harbor paranormal activity on a grand, and sometimes very obvious, scale.  

The oldest parts of the Old American Woolen Mill were originally built in the late 1600's, and the entire complex has seen its fair share of hardship and death over the past 300 years.   The Mill Agent's House is said to contain at least 1 very powerful vortex, a portal to the other side, and an extremely powerful spirit entity who - some say lords over the home and the spirits within - while others say, is a mighty protector of the residence, and those within.  Regardless of the opinions, this spirit is a strong force who makes his presence known to believers and non-believers alike.    

Among the psychic and sensitive expertise were individuals fluent in channeling, mediumship, tarot, wicca, witchcraft, scrying, table tipping, and more… They put their knowledge and guidance to work for a great cause, the "Lungs for Shawn" drive - a 65 Roses (cystic fibrosis) campaign and helped this fundraising drive raise funds, ALL of which were donated to "Lungs for Shawn".  That's right, 100% of ALL proceeds were donated directly to "Lungs for Shawn", because that's how we roll here at ZeroLux Paranormal.  

Also, we'd like to give a huge shout out of thanks and gratitude to the gracious owner of both locations, Mr. Ray Breton, for kindly co-sponsoring this event, and donating all of the proceeds along with us, to the "Lungs for Shawn" campaign.  Thank you Ray!

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