January 17, 2014 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Season 03

But … it was so obvious …

If we had a dime for every paranormal situation that happened right there in plain sight, and was overlooked because it was so obvious it wasn't even considered paranormal until well after the event took place, well, we'd probably be rolling in dimes.  And if this episode of ZeroLux Paranormal doesn't reinforce that sentiment to our viewers, then, we're at a loss.   The video is simplistic, direct, and as straight forward "paranormal reality" as it gets.  Viewers will see what we saw, hear what we heard, and will undoubtedly experience the same general questions, reasoning, and skepticism we did - before, during, and after - the 'event' took place.  

It's an episode with an experience unlike any other, and we're still at a loss for an explanation.  
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