January 10, 2013 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Season 01

Mill Agent's House is the cat's meow

We have to admit, we originally scheduled the Mill Agent's House investigation to be somewhat of a training session, with absolutely no intentions of releasing the video or documenting our evidence.  As far as we were concerned, there wouldn't be any evidence because we were using the term "investigation" quite loosely.   Sure, we planned on running our recorders and setting up all our equipment, but truth-be-told, we were doing it all "strictly by the numbers".  You know, to work out our timing between start times and finish times, overall (from start to finish) and between rooms within the location.  But, as you can see for yourself when you watch this video, the house had other plans for us.  Check out this episode to see for yourself, exactly what evidence was caught on video.

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