January 22, 2013 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Home

No Boundaries for ZeroLux

ZeroLux Paranormal has officially signed with No Boundaries Media Entertainment!

"No Boundaries Media Entertainment is dedicated and committed to bringing you an out of this world ULTIMATE experience when attending events. Focusing on the needs of our supporters, clients, event management and promotional support. We cover a wide range of entertainment related areas, included but not limited to: event entertainment, national touring headlining events, entertainment coordination, event management and talent representation for entertainment events, fields of motion pictures, modeling, legitimate stage, radio broadcasting, television, speaker engagements, literary works, appearances, book signing and other professional services. When it comes to choosing the right entertainment and presentation for event and/or filming, you only have one chance to get it right."

We're sure this can only mean great things for ZeroLux Paranormal and we look forward to making the most of what this opportunity has to offer. Whether it's attending more events and getting to know more of our peers in the community of paranormal, or spending more time with public presentations and community outreach on a wider scale, ZeroLux is game!  We're proud and excited to be NBME's newest client(s) and we look forward to working with the fine reps that make up the professional team at No Boundaries Media Entertainment.

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