January 17, 2014 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Season 03

Subscriptions to the ZeroLux Paranormal YouTube Channel explode!

Well, it's official - as of this month, January 2014, the ZeroLux Paranormal YouTube channel has been in existence for 1 year.  And in that short period of time we've managed to attract well over 200 subscribers.  Not too shabby for lax word-of-mouth advertising.  Our guess is, ZeroLux Paranormal has what the viewers want to see;  and that's a presentation of *real* paranormal reality.  No camera tricks.  No editing tricks.  No overwhelmingly loud music clouding the viewers senses.  Just real, honest-to-goodness, paranormal reality, from the perspective of the investigator.  We have to admit, this approach seems to be attracting quite a bit of attention.  More news on that sentiment later!  

Til then, we invite you to visit the ZeroLux Paranormal YouTube channel for yourself.  See the 30 minute episodes we have aired on WPME Saturday nights at 11:59pm, as well as extended 60 minute episodes available only online.  In addition, you can find bonus footage, extra content, and team bloopers caught on film.  

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