January 23, 2013 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Season 02

ZeroLux Paranormal prowls for bigfoot

What's more fun than watching a 30 minute episode of ZeroLux Paranormal camping out for the weekend on a hunt for Bigfoot in the North Maine Woods?  Why, a 60 minute episode of the same thing, of course! And boy, oh boy, have we got an episode for you to feast your eyes upon, and then some.  When ZeroLux Paranormal hunts for Bigfoot we make the most of it, and then we put most of that - into video form so you can experience it for yourself.  Tracking animals, night time game calls, tracking, casting prints, wood knocking … you name it, we did it, and these episodes have it all.  And, what these episodes don't have, we've put into "short" videos for you to watch!  It's a pretty sweet setup we've prepared for our viewers, and the download numbers don't lie about this one.  ZeroLux Paranormal viewers love seeing us Bigfoot hunt almost as much as we love being out there doing it!

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