January 17, 2014 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Season 03

ZeroLux Paranormal YouTube video views exceed 24,000!

When we launched the ZeroLux Paranormal YouTube channel back in January of 2013 we had hopes of reaching tens of thousands of views, but never considered we'd exceed 2,000 each month in our very first year.  Yet here we are, 12 months later, with an authentic channel video views count that exceeds 24,000 - and is only gaining in momentum.  Considering we do very minimal marketing/advertising for our homegrown paranormal-reality show, we're kind of taken aback, pleasantly so, by the numbers, so of course we had to share the good news with you.  

ZeroLux Paranormal offers a presentation of paranormal investigations that strays, quite heavily, from the formats regularly seen on nationally televised shows.  Nationally televised "paranormal reality" shows tend to prioritize "ratings" ahead of "reality", and this is something ZeroLux Paranormal doesn't have to worry about.   We don't air our show on National Television.  We don't have Network Executives to please.  We don't have producers we need to answer to.   And, simply put, we don't have to cater our paranormal reality television show to meet the demands of people who have no idea what paranormal investigations are really like.   Our viewers are generally more keen on the nitty-gritty approaches we take when engaging potentially haunted environments than people who are watching paranormal-reality for the thrill of it.  

If you haven't visited our ZeroLux Paranormal YouTube channel yet, give it a shot.  Subscribe to receive news of when fresh content is added and, as always, tell your friends about us!

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