January 16, 2013 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News - Home

ZLP Sponsor, Taknology, juices up SolaDexx

ZeroLux Paranormal sponsor, Taknology Consulting, has recently announced an update to their mobile application sensation "SolaDexx"!  If you thought SolaDexx was powerful before, just wait til you see how it performs in version 2.0.

SolaDexx allows users to add, and update, multiple accounts at once - including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts.  Like the SolaDexx Facebook page for newest update announcements about version improvements!

Newest updates - specifically for Facebook - include the ability to: upload photos inside of Facebook, post photos to pages, post AS your page, and chat with friends via the 'Facebook chat' option.  The account management system has been updated and upgraded so now you can add and manage friends a lot easier. And, with the addition of a nifty little "down" arrow located on the bottom of your Facebook screen, you can scroll to the very bottom of the page quicker while spending much less time waiting time for new pages to load! Check out SolaDexx and download it for yourself on iTunes, today!
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