May 29, 2014 in Field Investigators

Lead Investigator - Tony

Name:         TonyZLP roles:    Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Case Management, Webmaster/Coder

Tony is a Co-Founder and Team Lead of the ZeroLux Paranormal Organization.  His passion for sharing our investigation experiences with the public is the driving force behind our successes, both past and present.  Tony's tech-savvy approach to all things hardware & software is, by all rights, unparalleled in the arenas that matter to  ZeroLux Paranormal.  It is because of this we're certain we're in good hands.

Tony's other roles and responsibilities include case management, videography, evidence review and much more.

If you would like to connect with Tony in the social networking arena he can be found on facebook as "Tony MaineGhostHunters" and on Twitter at "@MGH_Tony".  And, as always, you can catch him on the next episode of WPME's "ZeroLux Paranormal", airing Saturday nights at 11:59pm.

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